Benefits of Having Fly Screens In Your Home

Benefits of Having Fly Screens in the House

You might not have considered the benefits of having a fly screen fitted to your windows, but if you spend any amount of time with the windows open, particularly in the summer months then having a fly screen Belfast fitted can help your home in several different ways. Let us take you through some of them.

Keeping Out the Insects

Of course, the most obvious reason to have a fly screen fitted to is to keep insects out of your home. If you have ever tried to have a picnic outside and been plagued by wasps, then you know just how annoying insects can be. Having the windows open when it is hot can be a necessity, however, the insects can make it not worth it, particularly at mealtimes. Therefore, having a fly screen fitted will mean that you can keep doors and windows open for the breeze without having to suffer.

Added Security

You can get some security-enhanced versions of a standard fly screen. These are made from more durable materials that are designed to stop people from getting access to your home. The net is made from strong material and the frames are designed to be tamper-proof. This means it is great for allowing air into your home without having to compromise security.

Keeping Children Safe

Flyscreens are also great at creating barriers for children. They mean that you can control access to certain areas of your home without having to lock it up tight like a fortress. A fly screen can also allow you a degree of vision through it so you can keep an eye on the children without having to have them behind a closed door.

Maintaining Privacy

One other great advantage to the use of fly screen is that it can help maintain a level of privacy in your home. The design is such that it makes it hard for someone outside to be able to see into your home. This is particularly true if they are looking from a distance. However, the view from inside isn’t compromised as you are still able to see out with ease. This is often a benefit that most people don’t consider


The other great thing that you can do with a fly screen is use it for decoration. Having a fancy wrought iron fly screen can add significant value to your home. There are even more modern variations made from modern metals and wood in several styles and these can make your home quite fashionable.

Saving Energy

Having a fly screen can give you dual benefits in terms of energy saving. The use of a fly screen can allow you to create a flow-through of air that will help cool down your home. This means that you don’t have to spend so much money on air conditioning and fans to cool your home. The other great benefit of fly screens is that they will block much of the direct sunlight that causes the heat in your home to build up.