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Bird Netting

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Bird netting can be an ideal way to keep pest birds away from your property and crops, including fruit trees, vegetables and garden plants. This simple, low-maintenance and cost-effective solution can stop birds of any size from landing on your property and protect plants from becoming a tasty meal.

Flytech uses top-quality anti-bird netting that’s rot-proof, discreet and effective. With different mesh sizes, we can protect your property and plants from everything from small birds to larger species, like pigeons and gulls. Bird netting is discreet and can cover roofs of any size to stop birds from gaining access to your roof, trees or plants.

Once birds land on roofs and other surfaces, they start nesting, which can damage your property, block drains and lead to further issues such as the spread of bird guano (droppings), which is a health hazard.

If you’re considering using bird netting to keep birds away from your home or commercial property, you need Flytech. We’ve installed bird netting across Belfast and Lisburn, as well as offering bird control solutions like bird spikes and solar panel bird proofing.

So, whatever you need, we can help you create a bespoke bird proofing system that will keep them away from your space for many years. Contact us today to find out more.

Bird netting installed at commercial property in Belfast

Our Bird Netting Installation Process



When you contact Flytech, we will discuss your needs with you and explore the range of bird control options available, including bird netting installations.



If you decide to use bird netting, we will attend the property and install heavy-duty bird netting that is cut to the correct size for your project.


Expert Advice

Once we’ve installed the bird netting, we can provide advice on the maintenance of the nets.


Follow-Up Appointments

If required, our team can return to check that the deterrent is working and suggest additional solutions.

Commercial And Residential Bird Netting Belfast And Lisburn

Whether you have a small home that’s being besieged by pest birds, or you want to protect your business, stock and customers from flying interlopers, Flytech has the solution.

Our experienced team can install bird netting structures of any size or type to ensure that your premises are completely safe and stop birds from roosting on your roof or damaging your greenery.

For businesses and homes, having visible wire and bird nets can be embarrassing, which is why we offer solutions that are virtually invisible and can offer discreet protection from the local pest bird population.

If you’re looking to install anti-bird netting, you need to work with experts. Flytech has conducted many bird proofing installations across Belfast and Lisburn over the years, so we know how to transform your property with our solutions.

Call 07955 008274 to speak to one of our bird control experts about how bird netting could benefit you. No job is too big or too small, and our team treat commercial and residential customers with the same exceptional care to ensure you get the best possible outcome from your project.

How Much Is Bird Netting Installation?

Is Bird Netting Safe?

Can You Install Bird Netting Yourself?

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