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Moths aren’t the first insect pests you might think of, but they can cause serious issues for homeowners and businesses. Some moths eat fabric, including natural fibres like silk, wool, and other materials found in luxury clothes or high-end carpets and rugs.

On the other hand, food moths, or pantry moths, eat dried food, meaning they can be a nuisance for homeowners and businesses with large stores of dried products. Learn more about what attracts moths with our handy guide.

Moth infestations can spread rapidly, and the larvae that hatch in wardrobes and in your pantry will immediately need to feed on your clothes and food.

To keep moths away and ensure a small infestation doesn’t become a big problem, get in touch with Flytech if you notice holes in your clothes, moth larvae that look like small white maggots, or see moths flying around your space more than usual.

Our team operate throughout Belfast and Lisburn, so they can quickly assess the situation and start moth control as soon as possible.

Moth Species Found In The UK

There are over 2500 species of moth in the UK, and most are harmless creatures that are actually a key part of the local ecosystem. However, there are several types of moths that will eat through fabrics or even stored food products, causing serious issues.

The most common pest moths found in the UK are:

  • Clothes Moths/ Carpet Moths: In the UK, clothes moths come in two types, the common clothes moth (Tineola Bisselliella) and the case-bearing clothes moth (Tinea Pellionella). Both types are long and thin, but the case-bearing variety has a fringe of hair around the side of its wings, which it holds like a roof above its body. When they eat carpets, these moths are known as carpet moths, but the two are, in fact, the same species.
  • Pantry moths: The Indian meal moth, commonly known as the pantry moth, has a small, thin body and brown wings with a thick white horizontal stripe. These moths eat stored food products such as flour, pasta and other pantry staples.

Each type of moth requires quick removal to keep them from multiplying and causing major damage to your home, clothes and food. DIY products won’t effectively manage the infestation and can be toxic to children and pets. So, if you have a moth problem in Belfast, Lisburn or the surrounding area, contact the professionals at Flytech as soon as possible.

Our Moth Control Process


Initial Contact

If you notice a moth infestation in your home, contact Flytech and a member of our team can discuss the size of the pest problem and book a visit to provide treatment.



Our team will visit the property to identify the species of moths you’re dealing with and provide pest control treatment to remove them.



Removing a moth infestation typically requires 3 visits, but our team will discuss how long the treatment will take when providing their quote.



After each visit, our pest controllers will provide you with a report detailing what treatment has been done and what else is required to get rid of moths from your property.

Carpet eaten by moths

Get Rid Of Moths Today With Flytech Pest Control

Moths can be incredibly destructive pests that can quickly destroy clothes, carpets and food. If left alone, they can reproduce quickly, with an adult female moth typically laying 50 eggs in as little as 3 weeks.

These eggs can take between 10 days and a month to hatch, depending on the temperature. So, it’s important that you’re proactive when dealing with a moth infestation.

To eradicate moths completely, you need professional pest control experts. Flytech supports domestic and commercial clients throughout Belfast and Lisburn to protect your home or business from pest moths. Contact us on 07955 008274 to get a quote for our moth control services.

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