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Loft Clearance

Pest Control Loft Clearance Across Belfast & Lisburn

Loft clearance might sound like a simple job, but it’s actually a highly challenging task, particularly if you’ve recently had a pest infestation in your loft space.

Pests leave behind droppings and urine, which can carry diseases, particularly rodent droppings. Also, contaminated materials, such as loft insulation, will need to be removed and disposed of, and this can be tough without specialist support.

Thankfully, Flytech Pest Control offers a dedicated loft clearance service for homeowners across Belfast and Lisburn.

Loft Clearances For All Circumstances

Even if you didn’t hire us for your pest control project, we can still provide loft clearance for you to safely remove all droppings, nesting materials and other debris from your loft space.

As well as individual homeowners, Flytech Pest Control also works with landlords and housing associations. So, however many lofts you have to clear, we’re the perfect team for you. Our staff are fully insured and experienced at cleaning lofts, even those that have been left for long periods or had extensive rodent activity.

If you spot signs of rat activity in and around your loft, then contact us today to get a quote. Our team work on lofts across Belfast and Lisburn, offering a top-quality loft clearance service.

Our Loft Clearing Process


Initial Quote

Before we start, we will inspect the damage to your property and provide a detailed quote for our loft clearance services.


Waste Removal

The first step is the removal of all the items in your loft space, including insulation, pest droppings and any items stored there. Our team can remove all contaminated waste products from the property as part of our loft clearance service.


Loft Cleaning

After the waste has been removed, we can offer specialist cleaning services to disinfect the loft space and any items that need to remain in it, using products designed to limit the risk of rodent-borne viruses and other health risks.


Follow Up

After all of our loft clearances, our team will reach out to check that the job was done properly and can suggest additional pest control treatments if needed.

Why Loft Clearance Is Important

Loft clearance in Belfast

Loft clearance services are incredibly important to homeowners, particularly if you’ve recently faced a pest infestation.

Vermin, especially rodents, love loft spaces because the insulation acts as the perfect nesting material, and lofts are one of the few undisturbed areas in most homes.

So, rats, mice, squirrels and other pests can have babies and build a home in your loft, where it’s warm and safe, and they are often not discovered until it’s too late.

When you do find the infestation, they may have already caused serious damage, including leaving droppings, urine and nests throughout your loft space.

Removing this rubbish is an important stage in your pest control process because if other rodents can smell that the space was previously home to their kind, they may try to take up residence.

It’s also a question of hygiene. No one wants a loft full of rat faeces and other materials that could spread a hantavirus infection, Weil’s disease or other viruses to your family and friends.

Because these illnesses are contagious and rodents can be highly territorial, DIY pest control in lofts can be challenging. Therefore, if you have a pest problem in your loft, it’s best left to the professionals.

If you’re ready to book your loft clearance, call 07955 008274 to speak to a member of our team.

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