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Rodent control in Lisburn by Flytech, strive to provide an outstanding service for customers. Within our services, there is a wide range of facilities to make use of, making us an efficient all-rounder when it comes to pest related services in Lisburn.

Our intentions are simple; we aim to eliminate or control any pest problem, no matter how severe, and we include a proofing service in all of our treatments.

We offer a range of treatments, including smaller methods, using wires and fillers. Treatments can take up to three weeks to be fully effective. Two visits are required for mice and three for rats with additional visits required depending on how heavy the infestation is.

Not only do rodents spread diseases as they hunt for food and shelter, but their gnawing habits cause great damage to your home. If you think you have an infestation or see signs of rats in your garden or house, Fly Tech  provides expert rodent control in Lisburn to identify the extent of the problem, before ridding you of it.

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