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Fly-screen doors are designed to keep unwanted pests and contaminants from your property without compromising natural ventilation. They are an essential addition to any home or business, especially during the warmer months when insects, vermin and pollutants are most active.

Here at Flytech Pest Control, we are the leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of fly-screen doors in Northern Ireland. With technicians located in Belfast and Lisburn, our efficient service will keep your property free from diseases, damage and dangers associated with pests.
Our quality fly screen doors come in two options and are suitable for different applications: standard and heavy-duty.

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Standard Fly Screen Door

Our standard fly screen doors are a suitable insect-proofing solution for domestic or commercial properties which don’t have heavy traffic. The doors are ergonomically designed and can feature an aluminium push plate in the centre of the frame and a kick plate at the base of the door. In addition, each door is manufactured with mitred corners, which are held together with double riveted metal keys to provide strength and durability. 

  • Available in white powder coat finish 
  • Suitable for installation over wooden, uPVC and metal doors
  • Contains fibreglass screen mesh 
  • Easy removal for cleaning 
  • Bristle strips to seal rodent ingress points 
  • Screen doors fitted to a mitred subframe 50mm x 50mm 

Heavy-Duty Fly Screen Door

Flytech has worked with various health, automotive, food and catering businesses to maintain a pest-free environment. However, due to heavier traffic, these commercial and industrial applications require a stronger, more robust design. Therefore, our heavy-duty fly screens for doors are the recommended option.

This is our best-selling fly screen door, as it features all elements of the standard door with the addition of an internal lattice grill. Uniquely, this extra barrier provides incredible strength and prevents the mesh from weakening with repeated use. 

Industrial and commercial fly screens for doors in Belfast

Commercial Requirements for Fly Screen Doors 

Under The Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995, openings, such as external doors that lead directly to commercial kitchens or preparation areas, must be fitted with an insect-proof screen. In addition, these screens must be easily removable for thorough cleaning to stay in line with stringent hygiene regulations. Strategically, our door fly screens contain 2-part metal constructed hinges with a removable pin for safe and quick removal for essential cleaning. 

It is also a requirement that doors are made from a smooth and non-absorbant material that can be cleaned and disinfected. Thus, every door we manufacture has a strong and durable aluminium frame and lattice grill which can be easily sanitised. 

Here at Flytech, we are experts in pest control, management and prevention, supplying pest solutions to commercial businesses for years. We know the industry well and understand the safety measures organisations must adhere to. As a result, our innovative fly screens for doors are long-lasting, cost-effective and in line with regulations.

Bespoke Fly Screens For Doors With FlyTech 

Every home and business is different; therefore, we will organise a free survey to assess and measure the property. Then, we will manufacture a bespoke, tailor-made door fly screen to fit perfectly. Finally, when the door is ready, we will install it on-site as part of our fitting service.

We also offer comprehensive pest control services to all residential and commercial clients in Northern Ireland. As a result, we can simultaneously tackle all active wasp nests, rats and insect infestations to keep homeowners, employees and customers safe.

Learn more about our fly screens or organise a survey with an expert fly screen technician, please call us at 07955 008274 or complete this online form, and we will be in touch. 

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