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Bird Spikes

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Birds might be majestic creatures when soaring through the skies, but when they land and start roosting on roofs, they can quickly cause damage and disturbance to homeowners and business leaders.

Whether it’s noise from their cawing or dirt from their guano (droppings), birds are a nuisance that can be difficult to deal with.

Bird guano is incredibly corrosive and can be a health hazard for passers-by. Birds can also dislodge TV aerials, cause damage to roof surfaces and dislodge debris from ledges into gutters.

While pigeons and seagulls are thought to be the most common pest birds, others, such as starlings, blackbirds and crows, can also cause problems, especially if they start nesting on your roof.

There are a range of bird proofing solutions on the market, and one of the most effective is bird spikes.

How Bird And Pigeon Spikes Work

Bird spikes consist of a strip of stainless steel spikes that can protect the surface of your roof from uninvited avian guests.

The spikes are pointed at the end to make it uncomfortable for birds to land near or on them, meaning pigeons, gulls, and other birds will look elsewhere for somewhere to roost.

As bird spikes are humane and easy to use, they’re the preferred method of bird control for many businesses and homeowners.

They don’t require regular maintenance, and once they’re installed, they can last up to a decade or even longer, depending on the adhesive used and the quality of the spikes.

Flytech’s bird spikes are non-intrusive and high-quality, so they will last for many years. Our team can adjust the length of the strip of spikes to offer protection for a range of surfaces and properties, including flat roofs, solar panels, chimneys, sheds, garages, gutters, large commercial buildings and more.

Call 07955 008274 to find out more about how Flytech’s bird spike installation service can protect your property from roosting birds.

Our Bird Spike Installation Process



When you contact Flytech, we will discuss your needs with you and explore the range of bird control options available, including spikes.



If you decide to use pigeon spikes to deter birds, we will attend the property and install top-quality spikes using strong adhesive to keep them in place.


Expert Advice

As well as spike installation, we can also provide additional advice on how to prevent birds from landing and what to do to maintain your spikes to make them last many years.


Follow-Up Appointments

If required, our team can return to check that the deterrent is working and suggest additional solutions.

Let Flytech Install Bird Spikes For You

Bird spike installation on a roof ledge in Belfast

While it is possible to buy bird spikes online and install them yourself, this can take time and might not prevent birds from landing on your property as much as you hoped.

That’s because there’s a skill to placing bird spikes in areas where nuisance birds are likely to perch, such as on or around chimney pots and close to gutters. Bird proofing tools like bird spikes are only as good as the individual using them, which is why working with experts like Flytech is important.

Our team are experts in preventing birds from nesting on homes and commercial properties across Belfast and Lisburn, so they can make the most of their expertise and save you time and effort. We’ve got access to the best stainless steel bird spikes on the market, so by working with us, you’ll get a hassle-free experience that keeps pest birds away from your roof.

As well as bird spike installation, we also offer a range of bird control options, including pigeon proofing solar panels and bird netting. For expert bird deterrent services from Flytech’s experts, contact us today, and we can discuss how bird spikes can benefit you.

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