Flytech VS Belfast City Council Pest Control

When most people find signs of a pest problem on their property, the first thing they think of is calling the council to get help.

Unfortunately, many modern councils have slimmed down their pest control service lists, and now only offer limited pest control options or in some cases, none at all.

Belfast City Council offers some pest control services, but the team here at Flytech still believe that we’ve got the edge over them for companies and homeowners throughout the city.

So, what’s the difference between Flytech Pest Control Belfast and the local council’s services? Keep reading to find out.

Main Takeaways:

Flytech Pest Control

  • Competitive Pest Control Fees
  • Commercial And Residential Pest Control
  • Removes A Range Of Pests
  • Fast Responses To All Call-Outs

Belfast City Council

  • Free Pest Control Service
  • No Commercial Pest Control
  • Only Covers Rats And Mice
  • Long Waiting Lists

Service Offering

The biggest difference between Belfast City Council and Flytech is our service offerings. The council only provides pest removal for rats and mice from residential properties. Commercial pest control is not offered by the council.

Flytech provides fast commercial and residential pest removal for not only rats and mice, but also ants, bed bugs, fleas, moths, cockroaches and most insects, rodents and nuisance birds.

We also offer additional pest prevention solutions, such as pigeon proofing for solar panels, fly screen installation, wasp nest removal and loft clearances.

So, for whatever pests you’re dealing with, Flytech offers fast support to remove them from your home, garden, or commercial premises.

Waiting Lists

As the council only has a small pest control team, it can take time for them to arrange an appointment with you and visit your property.

When vermin enters your space, you can’t afford to wait. Many pests spread disease, and once they gain access to your property, they can quickly cause issues for everyone in the vicinity.

As such, if you see signs of vermin, you need expert pest control fast, which is why Flytech takes great pride in offering prompt responses to all pest control enquiries. We aim to respond within 24 hours and visit the property to ensure the safety and health of its residents as soon as possible.


While its service offering is limited, Belfast City Council doesn’t charge any fees for domestic rat or mouse control.

Flytech charges both domestic residents and companies for our pest control services, but our fees are competitive, and we offer more flexibility and a wider range of services, so you get great value.

Book Pest Control Services Fast

If you need pest control in Belfast, Flytech could be the perfect partner for you. Unlike Belfast City Council, we offer fast, effective pest control services that don’t have a long waiting list.

Our offering encompasses more than just rats and mice, so whatever pest you’re dealing with, we can help.

We also pride ourselves on fast service, so you won’t have to wait long to get pest removal when you need it.

If you want to book pest control in and around Belfast or Lisburn, then you need to contact us. Call 07955 008274 for a quick quote to remove pests for good.